Gc8 Sti Sport Bumper

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The Gc8 Sti Sport Bumper is a bumper for your GC8. It will give you that sporty look while protecting the front of your GC8.

The gc8 sti body kit is a new body kit for the Subaru Impreza WRX STI. The company has released the product with a release date of September 1st, 2018.

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Welcome to the blog about the Gc8 Sti Sport Bumper. This bumper is designed specifically for the GC8 Sti and is made from high quality materials. It features a durable construction that will ensure that your car looks great and keeps you safe in collisions. Thanks for visiting!

Why You Should Consider a GC8 STI Sport Bumper

The GC8 STI is a true workhorse of a car. It’s been around for decades, and in that time it’s developed a cult following among driving enthusiasts. One of the things that makes the GC8 so popular is its versatility; it can be modified to suit just about any driving style. And one of the most popular modifications for the GC8 is fitting a sport bumper.

A sport bumper can really change the look of your car, and it can also improve its performance. Most aftermarket bumpers are made from lightweight materials like carbon fiber or Kevlar, which means they weigh less than the factory bumper. This reduces drag and helps to improve fuel economy. And because they’re usually lower to the ground than stock bumpers, they can also help to improve aerodynamics.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of fitting a sport bumper to your GC8 is the way it changes the car’s appearance. A sporty rear bumper can make your car look more aggressive and purposeful, while a front bumper can give it a more modern look. Whichever style you choose, a sport bumper will definitely help to set your GC8 apart from all the other cars on the road!

The Various Styles of GC8 STI Sport Bumpers

The Subaru GC8 STI is a popular car among enthusiasts and tuners for its unique style and performance capabilities. One of the most distinguishing features of the GC8 STI are its sport bumpers. There are several different styles of sport bumper available for the GC8 STI, each with their own distinct look and purpose.

OEM Bumper:

The OEM bumper is the stock bumper that comes on the GC8 STI from the factory. It is a simple, functional design that does not attract much attention to itself. However, many people find that the OEM bumper does not give the GC8 STI the aggressive look that it deserves. For this reason, many people choose to replace the OEM bumper with an aftermarket option.

Aftermarket Bumper:

There are countless different aftermarket bumpers available for the GC8 STI, each with its own unique style. Some aftermarket bumpers are designed to improve aerodynamics, while others are simply meant to give the car a more aggressive look. No matter what your goals are, there is sure to be an aftermarket bumper that meets your needs.

Body Kit:

A body kit is a collection of aftermarket parts that can be installed on a vehicle to change its appearance and functionality. Body kits typically include new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and other components. Many body kits also include modifications to the engine bay or interior of the car. While body kits can be very expensive, they offer a significant advantage over installing individual aftermarket parts; they provide a coordinated look that really makes your car stand out from the crowd.

The Benefits of a GC8 STI Sport Bumper

When it comes to choosing the perfect bumper for your car, there are many factors to consider. But if you’re looking for a bumper that will not only improve the look of your car but also its performance, then a GC8 STI Sport Bumper is the ideal choice.

A GC8 STI Sport Bumper is made from high quality materials and is designed to offer superior protection to your car. It’s also been specifically designed to improve the aerodynamics of your car, which means it’ll help you to save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition, a GC8 STI Sport Bumper will also improve the handling of your car thanks to its improved aerodynamic design. So if you’re looking for a bumper that offers all of these benefits, then a GC8 STI Sport Bumper is the ideal choice for you.

How to Choose the Right GC8 STI Sport Bumper

When it comes to modifying your car, one of the first things you might want to do is upgrade the bumper. This is especially true if you own a GC8 STI, which is known for its aggressive style. But with so many different aftermarket options out there, how do you choose the right one? Here are some things to consider:

1. Fitment. Make sure that the bumper you choose will actually fit your car. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to double-check before making a purchase. Some companies may claim that their products will fit certain models when they actually don’t.

2. Style. There are a lot of different styles of STI bumpers out there, from OEM replica to race-inspired designs. Think about what look you’re going for and pick a bumper that matches.

3 .Functionality . Not all bumpers are created equal in terms of functionality . If you live in an area with a lot of snow , for example , you’ll want a bumper that can accommodate a winch or tow hook . On the other hand , if you live somewhere with lots of rain , you might want feature like fog lights built into your bumper . Consider your needs before making a purchase .

4 . Price . Like anything else , price is always going to be a factor when choosing an aftermarket bumper . Set a budget before starting your search and try to stick within it as much as possible . It’s easy to get caught up in all the different options and spend more than you intended .

5 Installation Most aftermarket bumpers will require some sort of modification or drilling for installation If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself , then factor in the cost of professional installation when considering price Bumpers can range from simple bolt-on jobs to more complex weld-on setups Know what level of difficulty you’re dealing with before making your final decision .

Hopefully these tips have helped give you an idea of what to look for when shopping for an aftermarket GC8 STI bumper!

Installation Tips for Your GC8 STI Sport Bumper

1. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials before beginning the installation process.

2. It is advisable to seek professional help if you are not confident about performing the installation yourself.

3. Carefully read through the instructions provided with the bumper kit before starting off with the installation process.

4. Make sure that the surface on which you will be working is clean and level.

5. If your vehicle does not have fog lights, then you will need to drill holes in order to install them.

6. Begin by installing the brackets that come with the bumper kit onto your vehicle’s frame.

7. Next, attach the bumper itself onto these brackets using bolts or screws (as specified in the instructions).

8. Once the bumper is securely in place, reattach any front-end components that were removed during disassembly (such as fog lights or air dams).

9. That’s it! You’ve successfully installed your GC8 STI Sport Bumper!

Common Questions About GC8 STI Sport Bumpers

Q: Will a GC8 STI Sport bumper fit my car?

A: Yes, all of our GC8 STI Sport bumpers are designed to fit the Replica, JDM, and USDM models.

Q: What is the difference between the Replica and JDM/USDM model?

A: The main difference between the Replica and JDM/USDM model is that the JDM/USDM has a lower lip. Other than that, both models have the same features.

Q: I see that you offer both front and rear bumpers. Do I need to buy both?

A: No, you do not need to purchase both front and rear bumpers. We offer them as a set because many customers prefer the complete look, but it is not required. You can mix and match any way you like!

Q: What material are your GC8 STI Sport bumpers made from?

A: All of our GC8 STI Sport bumpers are made from high quality ABS plastic.


The GC8 is a great car, and its aftermarket rear bumper is no exception! This bumper looks great on the car and really gives it a sporty look. The only downside is that it can be difficult to find one that fits perfectly, so make sure you measure your car before ordering one. But overall, this is a great addition to your GC8 and will definitely make it stand out from the crowd!

The “gc8 4 door wide body kit” is a bumper that has been designed by Gc8. The bumper can be installed on the front, rear, or both of your vehicle.

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